Thin Boiling Starch

Thin-boiling starch is a partially hydrolyzed starch product, providing low and uniform viscosity. It can be readily dispersed in water and is ideal for use in sauces and gravies, candies and jellies, and frozen food.

  • Corn

    AGENADYN Organic Thin Boiling Corn Starch

    Thin boiling corn starch is sold under the brand AGENADYN as is the ideal ingredient for vegan jellies as it shows perfect gel formation capacities serving as gelatin replacement.

  • Waxy Corn

    AGENALITE Organic Thin Boiling Waxy Maize Starch

    AGENALITE is our organic thin boiling waxy maize starch which represents the ideal ingredient for fat replacements. It gives a greasy texture in dietary products in various different food applications. It is the ideal ingredient for fat-reduced sweet spreads offering the possibility to produce them palm-oil free.

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