AGRANA specializes in processing high quality agricultural commodities. Corn, potatoes, and wheat are used to make a wide range of starches tailored to different uses, including functional clean label starches. All starches are produced employing ecologically sound methods.

The Quemina line of pre-gelatinized starches come in three varieties, corn, waxy maize, and potato. These organic starches are the best choice when a cold-mix is required.

The Agenajel starches are stabilized and are much more suitable for high-acid recipes since they resist syneresis.

All of our organic starches are also available as non-GMO.


• WEIZITA: organic wheat starch

Organic starch from wheat.

• QUEMINA: organic fat-replacing pre-gel corn starch

Like our other pre-gelatinized starches, 21.209 is a cold-mix starch. It provides thickening without cooking.  It has a mouth-feel similar to fats, and can be used to replace or reduce fat in your applications.

• MAISITA: organic corn starch

MAISITA 21.050 is an unmodified (native) corn starch which is made from the yellow dent variety of corn. It gels at 176° F. (80° C.) and forms a paste that is typical of pudding.


Because of a very gentle treatment of the raw material throughout production, MAISITA has very high thickening properties

Packaging / Shelf Life

Multiply paper bags of 25 kg (1 pallet = 36 bags = 900 kg)
If properly stored under dry conditions (max. 70% relative humidity) and well protected from heat: 60 months from production.


  • pudding and dessert creams
  • soups and sauces
  • delicatessen (mayonnaise, ketchup)
  • soy products (yogurts, desserts)
  • baby food
  • ready-to-eat dishes (prepared frozen/canned foods)
  • fine pastry
  • confectionary (molding powder for gums, jellies)

• MAISITA: organic waxy maize starch

MAISITA 21.057 is an unmodified starch made from waxy maize. Because the type of starch in waxy maize is predominantly amylopectin, it has a tendency to resist retrogradation. Retrogradation is the technical term which descibes the action of water escaping the grip of the starch molecules. This is a problem in thickened foods which are frozen then thawed, and with foods that are somewhat acidic such as ketchup.

• STARKINA: organic potato starch

Potato starch is favored for its neutral flavor profile. It is one of our most popular starches and is available under the non-GMO label as well.

• STARKINA: organic low-moisture (6%) potato starch

STARKINA 20.002: Organic potato starch, low-moisture (max 6%) is hygroscopic and serves to absorb moisture in dry mixes.

• QUEMINA: organic pre-gelatinized corn starch

Like our other pre-gelatinized starches, 21.204 is a cold-mix starch. It provides thickening without cooking.

• QUEMINA: organic pre-gelatinized potato starch

Like other pre-gel starches, QUEMINA 21.205 is a cold-water mix starch and requires no heat for preparation. It benefits from the characteristically neutral flavor profile found with other potato starches.

• QUEMINA: organic pre-gelatinized waxy maize starch

In cases where thickened texture is needed but cooking is not desired, pre-gel starches are the answer.QUEMINA 21.207, being made from waxy maize, is predominently the amylopectin type of starch. Amylopectin is a highly branched form of starch and because of this, it resists retrogradation. Retrogradation is the escape of water held by the starch molecules and is evident as free-flowing liquid which has separated from the mixure. This is commonly seen in ketchup and mustard preparations that have sat for a while in the refrigerator.

• AGENAJEL: organic stabilized corn starch

AGENAJEL 21.055 is a specialty starch which is designed to resist retrogradation in high-acid applications (down to 3.0 pH). It features very good thickening strength compared to regular corn starch when the pH is low.

• AGENAJEL: organic stabilized waxy maize starch

Stabilized means that this starch has been subjected to a physical process that enables it to resist retrogradation, the tendency of starches to surrender their grip on water and allow separation (syneresis). AGENAJEL 21.357 is especially suited for this purpose because it is predominently amylo-pectin, a highly-branched type of starch molecule.