The savory flavor of yeast is a long-standing champion in enhancing the umami profile of sauces, gravy mixes, dressings, and soups. Marroquin Organic International is the US distributor for the BIOREAL organic yeast products by Agrano & Company. The BIOREAL line of organic yeast products includes organic yeast extracts, powders, flakes, and baker's yeast. Organic yeast delivers robust nutritional benefits to your label and satisfying taste to your customer's palate.

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• Organic molasses-based yeast powder

A more neutral flavored yeast powder that is grown on molasses.

• Organic yeast cell walls

Also known as "yeast hulls" or "yeast ghosts", these cell walls are beneficial in fermentation and nutrient-enriching applications.

• Organic type BF yeast extract powder

Yeast extract powder that has a beef-like flavor and aroma.

• Organic type S yeast extract powder

Yeast extract powder with very low salt inclusion.

• Organic yeast extract, bouillon-flavor

For an umami kick, this is one of the most essential flavor assets one can have in their ingredient deck. Like all of our yeast extracts, this one stands well on its own but excels when combined with other yeast extracts.

It is in 20 kg, poly bag-in-a-box packaging.

Shelf life: 18 months

• Organic active dried yeast granules

Organic baking yeast is not the same as conventional baking yeast, it is widely regarded as being superior in flavor. Being active, it provides the rising effect in dough. Plus, it brings a heartier taste. We have found it to be very popular with pizza makers. Also known as baker's yeast, organic baking yeast is available in dried, granular form and is packaged in foil packages of 10 kilograms.

• Organic type N yeast extract powder

Yeast extract powder with only small traces of sodium.

• Organic yeast extract paste

• Organic yeast powder

An organic yeast powder is just the thing to deliver savory flavor and nutrition to a pantry-ready label.

• Organic yeast flakes with rice flour

These flakes are a favorite for adding savory flavor to soups, sauces, gravies, and prepared foods where umami flavor is needed.