Let's make your recipe work. Functionality is the focus in these specialty ingredients. Call our team of ingredient specialists for guidance on their usage. We speak organic!


• BIO-VITAL organic vital wheat gluten

• AGENAFIBER: organic potato fiber

Insoluble dietary fiber whose applications include water binding capabilities, bulking and texturization

• Organic sesame protein concentrate

48-58% plant based powdered protein concentrate

• Organic flaxseed protein concentrate

Organic flaxseed protein concentrate is a light brown, plant-based powder which is 30-40% protein.

• Organic psyllium protein concentrate

40-50% plant based powdered protein concentrate

• Organic sunflower protein

Sunflower seed protein is made from the dehulled and defatted seeds of Helianus annuus. It is a beige-colored powder produced by mechanical pressing and CO2 extraction.

The nutritional values are excellent; high in protein, high in fiber, and low in fat. Sunflower seeds have five essential amino acids: tryptophan, methionine, cysteine, lysine, theonine). 

Functionally, sunflower seed protein has good water binding capacity (1:4) and very good fat binding capacity. The flavor is agreeable by any measure and does not have strong coloration. 

Two types of sunflower seed protein are available, 45 and 55 which correspond to their protein content value.

• Organic coconut oil

• Organic castor oil

• Organic USP grade glycerin

Glycerin has numerous uses in foods, beverages, nutriceuticals, and body care products. Glycerin is a humectant, a sweetener, a thickener, a solvent, and a stabilizer. It provides a non-stick, glossy coating to raisins, dried blueberries, and dried cranberries. 

In body care products, it serves as a humectant, provides mouth-feel and thickness, and functions as a lubricant. It is also a key component in the manufacture of soaps and is valued as an emollient.

• Organic canola oil

• Organic extra virgin olive oil

• Organic soy oil (crude or refined)

• Organic high oleic sunflower oil