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  • Waxy Corn

    AGENAJEL Organic Waxy Maize Starch

    AGENAJEL waxy maize starch is the clean label alternative to modified starches without chemical modification process, giving viscosity, creamy texture and resulting in less syneresis and process-stability when used in the final product.

  • Waxy Corn

    QUEMINA Organic Pre-gelatinized Waxy Maize Starch

    QUEMINA Waxy corn starch in ist pregelatinized form is available with different properties. Main fields of applications are baby, sports and geriatric food, where it serves as complex soluble carbohydrate, as well as snacks, sauces, ice cream, flavors, etc.

  • Waxy Corn

    MAISITA Organic Waxy Maize Corn Starch

    MAISITA from waxy corn is a pure amylopectin starch ideally to be applied in convenience products and frozen foods.

  • Waxy Corn

    AGENALITE Organic Thin Boiling Waxy Maize Starch

    AGENALITE is our organic thin boiling waxy maize starch which represents the ideal ingredient for fat replacements. It gives a greasy texture in dietary products in various different food applications. It is the ideal ingredient for fat-reduced sweet spreads offering the possibility to produce them palm-oil free.

  • Waxy Corn

    AGENAMALT Organic Waxy Corn-based Maltodextrin DE 6

    AGENAMALT DE 6 is based on waxy corn starch and is mainly an applied carrier for spray drying of sensitive products, in baby food, sports nutrition & beverages as well as a blending agent, for example, in spices.

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