Vital Grain Proteins

Grain proteins are a product of the grain processing industry. They are especially important as a nutritional source for vegetarians and vegans as they can be used as an alternative to animal-derived ingredients such as egg, milk, and meat. Vital grain protein not only is a relevant protein source but also helps to improve the mouthfeel and texture of finished products due to its high water absorption and viscosity properties.

  • Blends

    AGENOVUM Organic Egg Substitute Powder

    AGENOVUM is the organic innovation in the group of vital grain proteins, based on corn & wheat and corn & chickpea in its gluten-free variant. It is the ideal clean label ingredient in vegan product concepts acting as egg replacement.

  • Wheat

    BIO-VITAL Organic Vital Wheat Gluten

    Organic vital wheat gluten is our special product with added value! It represents the organic wheat protein perfect for use in wheat-flour applications to improve dough stabilization & shaping and acting as an ideal meat alternative due to it’s meat-like, fibrous texture.

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