New CEO at Marroquin

The Board of Directors of Marroquin Organic International, a division of AGRANA STARCH, has appointed Dan Mazin CEO of Marroquin Organic effective July 1, 2021.

Mr. Mazin has been with Marroquin Organic since 2006, in successively vital roles, including sales, regulatory compliance and supply chain management.  He brings a customer-centric solution-oriented approach, and a commitment to the organic marketplace.

Mr. Mazin succeeds Joe Beek, who has served as Marroquin’s CEO since November 2016, during which time Marroquin Organic’s 20 year partnership with AGRANA STARCH was further strengthened by the acquisition of Marroquin by AGRANA.

Marroquin Organic International was founded in 1987 by Grace Marroquin, and has been at the forefront of the dynamic growth of the organic industry ever since.

Marroquin Organic International supplies Organic and non-GMO specialty, technical ingredients for food, beverage, nutraceutical, pet food and cosmetic manufacturers.

AGRANA STARCH, member of the AGRANA Group, is a major manufacturer of custom starch products (made from potato, corn and wheat) and of bioethanol. The company has five production plants in Central- and East-Europe and is a leader in Organic production. AGRANA uses modern and environmentally sensitive methods and processes the raw materials corn, potatoes and wheat, resulting in top-quality starch products for numerous applications in widely different industries.

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