AGENADYN Organic thin boiling corn starch


Item no: 20.053


Organic corn starch is used as a stabilizer, gelling agent, thickener, water-binding agent, texture enhancer, and produces a lower viscosity gel than typical starches.

AGENADYN organic thin boiling corn starch is a recommended ingredient for organic and non-GMO products such as:

  • gummies
  • low fat spreads
  • low fat plant based meat alternatives

Bulk Packaging

  • 25 kg multi-ply craft paper bag, 30 bags per pallet

Storage and Minimum Shelf Life

  • 60 months from date of manufacture when kept in ambient storage conditions (under 70% humidity at temperatures between 59 and 77°F)


  • White, fine powder

Manufacturing Process

Raw organic corn kernels are mashed, washed/separated, acidified and dried to produce organic thin-boiling corn starch.


  • AGENADYN organic thin boiling corn starch is:
  • certified organic
  • Kosher, Halal.


  • AGENADYN organic thin boiling corn starch is  a vegetarian, vegan, clean label and gluten free ingredient.